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Preventative Maintenance Special

You run a busy kitchen and know that clogged drains, mysterious odors and malfunctioning grease traps can cause havoc and heath concerns.  Our technicians are here to help you when you’re in a pinch but they can also save you time and money with scheduled preventative maintenance.

The Restaurant Special includes jetting the inlet and outlet of the grease trap (not pumping it) and cabling/snaking up to 6 small drains such as floor drains, dishwasher drains, mop sink, etc. Separately, these services would cost significantly more but with our package deal we help you save money.  When you wait for the emergency you will possibly have down time, inconvenience, maybe even a bad smell in your kitchen or throughout the restaurant which is no fun. It will also cost a lot more than taking the time to set up the right preventative maintenance plan for your restaurant.


We recommend performing our Restaurant Cleaning & Maintenance Package about every 3 months depending on your individual needs. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease trap system and drains reduces the need for emergency service due to backups, helps to prevent expensive equipment failures such as pumps, and prevents undue inconvenience to the restaurant and their customers caused by smells, backups and poorly performing drains.


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Additional Services

  • Clearing backed up sinks, floor drains, toilets, urinals

  • Find odor sources 

  • Camera Inspections

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