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             Rocky Mountain Sewer-Jet‘s policy for work involving the cleanings of sewers or drain systems in a real estate transaction include a mandatory camera inspection. The camera inspection in conjunction with the cleaning of the sewer or drain system, avoids time consuming return visits and questions regarding potential additional work.

             This work typically involves the building sewer main (pipe sizes usually in the 3”- 4” diameter range) that are up to 135' long and will not include pipe or drains in the 1-1/2”-2” range (usually secondary drains; kitchen, tub, shower, sinks, floor drains, etc). Access to these sewer and drain systems is classically via 3”- 4” diameter clean outs. If clean outs are not available, potential access to the sewer can be found through other points (via a pulled toilet, roof vent, or a created access) but will require an additional charge, to be determined onsite by the technician. Circumstances may arise where an additional technician is required to assist (primarily due to safety concerns) for completion of the work required.


              Some jobs require additional time to bring the sewer or drain system to a suitable condition. If additional time is required, RMSJ will continue with customers approval only. Warranties will be subject to the judgement of the on-site technician(s) or supervisor. Sewer or drain systems found to be in poor condition (such as but not limited to; belly or low sections, separated unions, broken or cracked pipe, code violations, objects unable to be removed, excessive root intrusions, lack of suitable access, pipes length, customers termination of work before completion, etc) most likely will induce a No Warranty status. All awarded warranties are non-transferable.

RMSJ will only provide video and other information relating to such work, to our customer directly. If other parties in a potential real estate transaction wish to obtain information regarding our work performed, the request must be submitted by our customer and any response will be provided to our customer only.  RMSJ assumes no liability for sewer backups, overflows, water damage or potential pipe breakage.


               The price for the camera clean package is $500 which includes two hours of camera, jetting, and cabling as needed via established clean out access to clean and inspect the line. If additional time is needed and approved, work will continue at a rate of  $250/ hour.  If an alternate access or additional technician is needed there will be an additional cost.


               Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept cash, check and credit card.  If paying via credit card there is a 3.75% convenience fee added to the total.

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