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$175/HR  ($350)                        







$250/HR  ($500)      

$60 Per Toilet









          2 Hours                  

          2 Hour Minimum 

          1 Hour

          1 Hour

          1 Hour

          1 Hour


          2 Hour Minimum   


          1 Hour

          1 Hour

          1 Hour

          1 Hour





$225/HR After 2 HRS

$175/HR After 2 HRS

  $93/HR After 1 HR

$105/HR After 1 HR

  $75/HR After 1 HR

  $90/HR After 1 HR

$250/HR After 2 HRS


$125/HR After 1 HR

 $90/HR After 1 HR

 $90/HR After 1 HR

Camera Service


$150/Hr  ($300)

2 Hour Minimum

$150/Hr after 2 hours

Jetter Service

Jetter Service


2 Hours

$250/Hr after 2 hours




NOTE: If we arrive for scheduled service and nobody is on site to let us in to perform service there will be a service call charge.


Restaurant Service

Preventative Maintenance


Includes jetting grease trap and cable up to 6 floor drains.

Cable Service

Large Drain


1 Hour

1 Hour

Small Drain


Add a Line


$225/Hr after 1 hour

$90/Hr after 1 hour

Sewer Gas Odor Detection

Inspection & Diagnosis


1 Hour

Smoke Test

$300/Hr  ($600)

2 Hour Minimum

$125/Hr after 1 hour

$300/Hr after 2 hours

Other Services

Pull & Reset Toilet

$70 / Toilet

Auger Toilet


1 Hour

Labor Rates



1 Hour

2nd Man Assistance


1 Hour



Note about our billing terms: Our billing terms are 30 days which means we expect to receive payment for services no later than 30 days after services are performed. All invoices issued may incur a Credit Rating Fee based on the customer payment record.  If any outstanding invoices become past due, the fee will be assessed on future invoices to cover the additional administrative costs associated with managing past due accounts.

Product Rates

Liquid Sewer Degreaser

$35/ Bottle

Other Charges

$60 Additional Charge per Hour for ALL calls After 4:00pm

$90 Service Call Fee

$30 Fuel charge on Service in Denver Metro Area

$40 Fuel charge on Service to Boulder/Castle Rock/ Black Hawk/ Evergreen

$65 Fuel charge on Service to Colorado Springs/ Longmont/ Fort Collins/ Superior

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